Easiest Upcycle Ever After

Ok friends, grab yourself a role of washi tape and let’s get started! ¬†Anyone can do this, I promise.

My best sources for washi tape:

Now gather some office items {don’t forget your vintage office items!}:

Ready, go…

  1. Study your item {briefly folks, this isn’t rocket science ;)}
  2. Figure out where your item should be spruced up
  3. Cut or tear your piece of washi in your preferred design {or two or three…I like sticking to one design for a more cohesive look}
  4. Now stick it on your item ūüĎĆ

Here’s the best part- don’t like it- move it around and experiment until you do {trust me- I did ūüėú}. ¬†And- you can always remove it to change it out with a new design or just to go back to the original look…so low commitment folks you have no excuse to not try this ūüėāūüėČ.

Have scraps of tape?¬† Don’t throw them away- stick them on your post it notes- so fun, right!?¬† Take a look at my pics for more ideas!¬† Have fun!!!

Washi tape just might be the cutest invention ever!¬† I’d love to hear what you have made with Washi tape…tell me by commenting below!

Happy UpcyclingūüĆ∑,

Traci ūüôā

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My Big Announcement and Giveaway


Hello Friends!

I really wanted to tell you all about this yesterday, but it was a BIG day!¬† So, forgive me for being a day late.¬† I know you HAVE NOT been able to sleep not knowing what¬†my¬†BIG announcement is…well you will sleep well tonight…here it is…yesterday I left my day job to launch Rustic Eye FULL TIME!¬† I’m so super excited to do what I LOVE, and I wanted you all to know.¬† So, what does that mean for YOU?!¬† I’m glad you asked because that’s really what is important…more time¬†for me¬†means…

1.) More amazing¬†vintage¬†products for YOU…so many more!¬† I’ll be out scouring farms and estates to find you all the rustic and vintage charm that you love to fill your homes with or show off at your events!

2.) Some things I find absolutely are¬†BEGGING me¬†to be brought back to life with a little upcycling– no problem things- I have time to make you look¬†cool again and I’m even going to make it my personal goal to find you a forever home!¬† Hmm..upcycling adoptions…is that a thing?

3.)¬†A little help please…you need some HELP you say, to know just how to display that super awesome YOUKNOWWHAT that you just had to have?¬† Guess who’s got TIME to help you figure that out (and maybe a skill or two)- yep- this girl!¬† Can you say- blogs, tips and d√©cor ideas galore!!??

This is just the tip of the Rustic Eye Iceberg…I have so much more planned and I’ll be sharing it¬†all with you over the next¬†few months.

Now here’s the SUPER FUN part…remember that giveaway* I told you about…it’s TIME!¬† I want you guys to be my VIPs (VERY IMPORTANT PERSON who loves vintage and things, and decorating with vintage and all the cool things they see on Pinterest…)…all of you who have been here with me from the start…because as Rustic Eye grows, and it will, I will not forget where it all started…here with all of YOU.¬† So, to be entered into this giveaway, ALL you have to do is become a Rustic Eye VIP.¬† That’s IT…and by becoming a Rustic Eye VIP, you will be the first to know about my new cool finds and products…you’ll get all the news and d√©cor tips…and…here’s the best part- special discounts and offers (and other perks).¬† So, YES, you read that right…I’m doing a giveaway* basically¬†to make sure you know about future giveaways (and stuff).¬† If you are a “need to know” person, you NEED to be a Rustic Eye VIP!

What can you win?¬† Good question- drum roll please…your choice of any of the printer press words in the photos, above… “FARM“, “READ“, “hello“, or “love“, OR a $20 store credit to spend however you would like in my Etsy shop.¬† SO FUN, right!?¬† I can’t get enough of decorating with vintage printer press letters and I want to spread the love…

Now…off you go to win and good luck friends…just click here* to become a Rustic Eye VIP! ¬†You have until Monday 8/1/16 at midnight…but don’t delay (you know you’ll forget) ūüėú!¬† It’s super quick!

Traci ūüôā

-Forever in flip flops

p.s. I want to hear from YOU!¬† What prize will you pick if you win?¬† Comment below…

*I’m soooo sorry if you tried the link before and it didn’t work…my IT team (aka ME) kinda screwed up- all better now!! I extended the deadline to Monday at midnight! ūüôā

Christmas Countdown Calendar- Tutorial


Some call this an Advent Calendar…I call it simply a “Christmas Countdown Calendar”…it could be either or both ;)! ¬†I just want to start by saying I owe credit to many people out there that have inspired me (mostly you Pinterest peeps)…but I’m just gonna tell ya what I did to make mine!

>>Get a window- the chippier, older, warn down, the better…but really just get one to your liking. ¬†I have some suggestions on WHERE to get one at a decent price if you don’t happen to have a barn as a backyard (I do not, just to throw that out there…I kind of want one though…especially if it came packed with rustic treasures…oh now i’m just day dreaming…). ¬†Craigslist is an option…but do this- go to Facebook and search for Facebook Groups¬†in your area with words like “shabby chic”, and “vintage” in the titles…if you live in an area anything like mine…there are many of these boards and they are a great place to grab old windows on the cheap (ish)…they are very trendy right now, so you’ll likely have to accept the “trendy mark up” ;)! ¬†If you absolutely can’t find a window- what about an empty frame (no glass)…could paint and distress for more character…just a thought…

>>To Paint or not to Paint…I did not- if you do you will likely need to chip some old paint off, sand and then repaint and don’t forget to distress! :)…WARNING: old windows ‘prolly contain lead paint- be careful and smart if you start doing anything to it- wear a mask, etc ;)…

>>Other things you’ll need:

  • Paint (I used Martha Stewart Vintage Decor Paint (Chalk Paint) in Ivory<<<one small bottle of this goes a long way, you will notice this is the same paint as my last post- same bottle!!)
  • Number Stencils (#s 0-9)- I used Martha Stewart Cardboard¬†Stencils- just make sure the size is right (about 2 inches)
  • 24 Bags -I used mini-burlap drawstring bags (two packages, about 3″ tall) from Michaels (wedding aisle ;)))…but you could really use any small bag that looks cute to you…I wanted something I could re-use year after year, but you could even use disposable bags
  • 24 small clothespins- I used white clothespins purchased at Michaels (one package).
  • Twine
  • Tape/eye hooks
  • Wire
  • Staple Gun
  • Sponge paint brush (the disposable kind works well)
  • Cardboard (from a cardboard box, for example)
  • Optional for Paper Banner- Scrapbook paper, alphabet stamps, ink, banner paper punch, small circle paper punch, glue gun, paper glue

Here’s how you make it…

  1. Make the bags, 6 at a time (I dunno why I picked 6, it just fit in my space- pick your own number imagethat works for you ;))-
    1. Cut out 6 pieces of cardboard to fit inside the bags and keep paint from bleeding through while¬†giving you a hard work surface…place one inside each of the six bags
    2. Use the stencils and paint to put the numbers (1-24) on the bags…eyeball it- the placement doesn’t have to be perfect, that’s part of the charm ;)…I just held the stencils in place with my hand…you can tape them down if you want, but that will take you longer…I usually take the “get it done quick” path…(tip: use the sponge paint brush and push down a little to get the paint completely covering the burlap…being careful to not let it bleed through the sides of the stencil…don’t sweat it the numbers¬†are not perfect, mine definitely are not- look closely)!
    3. Remove the cardboard and place those six off to the side to dry…repeat steps with the next six and so on until finished with your 24 numbers.
  2. String the twine…this also is not a fine science…just use tape (I used packing tape) to place the string where you want it, attached to the back. ¬†I left it like that for now (just tape), but you can¬†finalize the placement by screwing in eye hooks where you taped it, and stringing the twine¬†through the eye hooks in the back.
  3. Attach the bags to the twine with clothespins when paint is dry- in an order that looks good to you :)!
  4. Use a Staple Gun to attach wire to the back…I staple once, fold the wire over my staple from the bottom and then staple at least once more over the fold (above the first staple)…this makes it securely fastened!
  5. Hang (woo hoo)!  Fill with candy or small treasures for your kiddos or grandkiddos???
  6. If you want to make a mini-banner for a little color, like I did, use supplies on hand- if you don’t imagehave paper punches- cut by hand using a little template off the internet, etc. ¬†I punched¬†little circles in white, stamped a letter on each to spell “Merry Christmas”, glued to the banner punches out of scrapbook paper (red christmas pattern), hot glued to the twine and voila! ūüėČ ¬†Hang where it looks good, attach with tape or tie to the wire.


I would love to see what you create!!  Post below or on my Facebook Page (or both) :)!  Make sure to click on the pictures to see closer up detail!

Thank you,

Traci ūüôā


Thrift Shop Talk

recycleI PROMISE I will try to get off my thrift shop soap box after I get this out…..(ok, probably not gonna happen, just being honest). ¬†I find myself in thrift shops a lot because I find them a great place to find projects and even a random vintage find for my shop Rustic Eye. ¬†Because I’ve spent so much time in them lately, I’ve come to have a new appreciation for thrift stores. ¬†I am on a mission to convince all of you that you MUST visit them too. ¬†Here is my persuasive essay in bullet point form (I just love bullet points, don’t you? ¬†I use them a bazillion times a day in my “day job”):

  • MaGazInEs: I’ve said this before on my Facebook page, but it is SOOOO worth mentioning again. ¬†Have you SEEN the prices of magazines these days? ¬†I know you have. ¬†And I really like magazines, but how do you justify spending so much on one lonely publication? ¬†Maybe you convince yourself that it’s cheaper than an interior designer, it will save you money (it says so right there on the cover), or your life will actually improve having read it?? ¬†I’m not here to mock magazines- I love them, remember…but I found a way to have my cake and eat it too….get your magazines at thrift stores. ¬†I’ve been doing this for about a year now- I have two local thrift stores that always stock them- one sells them for $0.25 and the other for $0.30. ¬†Um, ya, you read that right….I rest my case. ¬†I often find current (within the last month or two) publications and magazines that I love (DIY, Home Decor…ya know, that kind of thing). ¬†Bonus to magazines- you read them- AND they make an adorable accessory (if you ask me)…just don’t keep too many on hand- that is no bueno (Traci translation: NOT good)! ¬†Donate them back when you are finished with them :)!
  • bOoKS: Kind of the same idea as magazines…I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t enjoy digging through to find what I want….but I’ve found a lot of thrift stores are great at organizing- and it is a pleasure to look for, say, my kids’ favorite book series or vintage books to decorate with (dude- they sell those in certain stores and they aren’t even real- they are just selling the look- FIND YOUR OWN)! ¬†Yes, I highly recommend finding books at thrift stores.
  • CrAFt sUPpliEs: ¬†You will never keep me out of Michael’s or Joanne’s…noooo way. ¬†And, I wouldn’t recommend going to a thrift shop to look for a particular craft item. ¬†However- while you are at your thrift shop- please do browse the craft supplies. ¬†They often have great things at amazing prices. ¬†I recently found a lot of about 8 paper punches (normally $15-$20 each), for around $3. ¬†And, I have been all about these paper punches lately, so imagine my surprise and joy when I spotted that one. ¬†I’ve also scored some vintage manila¬†hang tags (which I’ve used for all sorts of projects), and vintage clothespins (which I adore and find many uses for) on the cheap! ¬†If you use yarn- always see that stuff…I personally have no use for it, but just sayin ;)!
  • JaRS: I know, I know, maybe a little overkill with this one- but, for me, please, if you see a mason jar- just get it :)…stick with me and you WILL find a use for it! ¬†I also don’t think it’s gross to use things (properly cleaned) like glasses from thrift shops…ever been to a restaurant ;)???……just see my post on using thrift shop silverware if you don’t believe me. ¬†I’m on the hunt for different mason jars to make a drinking glass set- non-matching of course- I just love jars for drinking out of, simply charming!
  • tRAyS: Everything looks better on a tray- it just does- I can’t explain it. ¬†It’s just this phenomenom that you must experience. ¬†Silver trays are the best- vintage silver trays, to be specific…you just can’t go wrong- you will find five million uses for them…just trust me on this one…you can add to any holiday decor- no problem, use to coral jewelry or keys, there is just no limit to the functionality of trays and there is really no good reason to buy them new…you can’t beat the character in vintage silver trays :).

There are many more treasures to be found at thrift stores- these are just a few of my favs…but I can’t sign off without saying, DO NOT BE A HOARDER!!!! ¬†Note: I have a strange addiction to watching the show…and can’t not look as I drive by my “Traci-diagnosed” neighbor hoarders…I know it’s a serious disease…but maybe looking to see how much more their garage is sticking out due to stuff overflow is too, we don’t KNOW that. ¬†That said, I am a big proponent of organization and lack of clutter- so only buy what you really, really love and can use- and donate what you don’t need anymore!

Best part:  you are not creating more waste- you are recycling- you are being GREEN- woo hoo, go you :)!!!

Let me know what you LOVE finding at your local thrift stores- leave a comment below!

Thanks,¬†Traci ūüôā

Vintage Silver Trays, ahhh :)

Vintage Silver Trays, ahhh ūüôā

Vintage Books and Jars for Decorating- YES please

Vintage Manila Hang Tags turned hand-stamped treasures ūüôā

Magazines- OH YAAA!

Why are Mason Jars so freakin cute!!??


Honestly, people, I just can’t get enough of Mason Jars. ¬†I’m pretty sure if you look up versatility in the dictionary (do people do that anymore??!!…ok, well if you “Google it”…) you will find a picture of a Mason Jar. ¬† I use these puppies for everything! ¬†I buy them new and keep them on hand…and pick them up in thrift shops…even have started a collection of vintage Mason Jars- I just LOVE them¬†‚ô•!

So, let’s talk about thrift shops…do you have ANY idea what amazingness is hiding in those things. ¬†Here is me- I know I need something…like, let’s say, new silverware. ¬†Now, that is a HUGE decision, right? ¬†Because it’s such a huge decision, it takes me FOREVER to make it- too big of a commitment and quite honestly- the sets you can buy all put together in a store- expensive (for any type of quality) and BORING! ¬†The other day, I’m browsing a thrift shop like I always do..and it hits me- I’m gettin my silverware here…a mis-matched set- it’s perfect, it’s super inexpensive, and it has the character I’ve come to NEED in my life. ¬†It’s kind of a drug. ¬†I picked out a bunch with a vintage look at $0.25 each (are you KIDDING me with that price??)…making sure they were all stainless steel so they would last. ¬†I then decide they need to be displayed…that was a no-brainer…MASON JARS!! ¬†I spray-painted a few wood tags (from Joanne’s) with chalkboard paint (another love)….wrote “spoons, forks, knives” on each tag, tied to the jars with jute twine (YET ANOTHER LOVE) and vooala….you really can’t get any cuter or functional than this. ¬†I pulled out a wine crate box from my Rustic Eye “I’ve yet to figure out what I want to do with it” stock to prop them up on…and a silver tray to be the background art…and now I will never look at silverware the same again. ¬†OK- to recap…definitely at the top of my fav craft supplies: Mason Jars, Chalkboard Paint, Jute Twine….gotta have them!!