Easiest Upcycle Ever After

Ok friends, grab yourself a role of washi tape and let’s get started!  Anyone can do this, I promise.

My best sources for washi tape:

Now gather some office items {don’t forget your vintage office items!}:

Ready, go…

  1. Study your item {briefly folks, this isn’t rocket science ;)}
  2. Figure out where your item should be spruced up
  3. Cut or tear your piece of washi in your preferred design {or two or three…I like sticking to one design for a more cohesive look}
  4. Now stick it on your item 👌

Here’s the best part- don’t like it- move it around and experiment until you do {trust me- I did 😜}.  And- you can always remove it to change it out with a new design or just to go back to the original look…so low commitment folks you have no excuse to not try this 😂😉.

Have scraps of tape?  Don’t throw them away- stick them on your post it notes- so fun, right!?  Take a look at my pics for more ideas!  Have fun!!!

Washi tape just might be the cutest invention ever!  I’d love to hear what you have made with Washi tape…tell me by commenting below!

Happy Upcycling🌷,

Traci 🙂

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My Big Announcement and Giveaway


Hello Friends!

I really wanted to tell you all about this yesterday, but it was a BIG day!  So, forgive me for being a day late.  I know you HAVE NOT been able to sleep not knowing what my BIG announcement is…well you will sleep well tonight…here it is…yesterday I left my day job to launch Rustic Eye FULL TIME!  I’m so super excited to do what I LOVE, and I wanted you all to know.  So, what does that mean for YOU?!  I’m glad you asked because that’s really what is important…more time for me means…

1.) More amazing vintage products for YOU…so many more!  I’ll be out scouring farms and estates to find you all the rustic and vintage charm that you love to fill your homes with or show off at your events!

2.) Some things I find absolutely are BEGGING me to be brought back to life with a little upcycling– no problem things- I have time to make you look cool again and I’m even going to make it my personal goal to find you a forever home!  Hmm..upcycling adoptions…is that a thing?

3.) A little help please…you need some HELP you say, to know just how to display that super awesome YOUKNOWWHAT that you just had to have?  Guess who’s got TIME to help you figure that out (and maybe a skill or two)- yep- this girl!  Can you say- blogs, tips and décor ideas galore!!??

This is just the tip of the Rustic Eye Iceberg…I have so much more planned and I’ll be sharing it all with you over the next few months.

Now here’s the SUPER FUN part…remember that giveaway* I told you about…it’s TIME!  I want you guys to be my VIPs (VERY IMPORTANT PERSON who loves vintage and things, and decorating with vintage and all the cool things they see on Pinterest…)…all of you who have been here with me from the start…because as Rustic Eye grows, and it will, I will not forget where it all started…here with all of YOU.  So, to be entered into this giveaway, ALL you have to do is become a Rustic Eye VIP.  That’s IT…and by becoming a Rustic Eye VIP, you will be the first to know about my new cool finds and products…you’ll get all the news and décor tips…and…here’s the best part- special discounts and offers (and other perks).  So, YES, you read that right…I’m doing a giveaway* basically to make sure you know about future giveaways (and stuff).  If you are a “need to know” person, you NEED to be a Rustic Eye VIP!

What can you win?  Good question- drum roll please…your choice of any of the printer press words in the photos, above… “FARM“, “READ“, “hello“, or “love“, OR a $20 store credit to spend however you would like in my Etsy shop.  SO FUN, right!?  I can’t get enough of decorating with vintage printer press letters and I want to spread the love…

Now…off you go to win and good luck friends…just click here* to become a Rustic Eye VIP!  You have until Monday 8/1/16 at midnight…but don’t delay (you know you’ll forget) 😜!  It’s super quick!

Traci 🙂

-Forever in flip flops

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*I’m soooo sorry if you tried the link before and it didn’t work…my IT team (aka ME) kinda screwed up- all better now!! I extended the deadline to Monday at midnight! 🙂

Why are Mason Jars so freakin cute!!??


Honestly, people, I just can’t get enough of Mason Jars.  I’m pretty sure if you look up versatility in the dictionary (do people do that anymore??!!…ok, well if you “Google it”…) you will find a picture of a Mason Jar.   I use these puppies for everything!  I buy them new and keep them on hand…and pick them up in thrift shops…even have started a collection of vintage Mason Jars- I just LOVE them ♥!

So, let’s talk about thrift shops…do you have ANY idea what amazingness is hiding in those things.  Here is me- I know I need something…like, let’s say, new silverware.  Now, that is a HUGE decision, right?  Because it’s such a huge decision, it takes me FOREVER to make it- too big of a commitment and quite honestly- the sets you can buy all put together in a store- expensive (for any type of quality) and BORING!  The other day, I’m browsing a thrift shop like I always do..and it hits me- I’m gettin my silverware here…a mis-matched set- it’s perfect, it’s super inexpensive, and it has the character I’ve come to NEED in my life.  It’s kind of a drug.  I picked out a bunch with a vintage look at $0.25 each (are you KIDDING me with that price??)…making sure they were all stainless steel so they would last.  I then decide they need to be displayed…that was a no-brainer…MASON JARS!!  I spray-painted a few wood tags (from Joanne’s) with chalkboard paint (another love)….wrote “spoons, forks, knives” on each tag, tied to the jars with jute twine (YET ANOTHER LOVE) and vooala….you really can’t get any cuter or functional than this.  I pulled out a wine crate box from my Rustic Eye “I’ve yet to figure out what I want to do with it” stock to prop them up on…and a silver tray to be the background art…and now I will never look at silverware the same again.  OK- to recap…definitely at the top of my fav craft supplies: Mason Jars, Chalkboard Paint, Jute Twine….gotta have them!!


Thift-Shop Upcycled Lamp- Adorable!


Before! (sort of lol- you can’t really tell because I got excited and didn’t take a true before picture- but the base was a brass color- icky!)


This was another super duper simple project.  I started with a thrift shop lamp base (that worked- duh!) and shade- just look at the bones- don’t get caught up on colors or patterns….people, they don’t have to match- that is exactly the point!  And, please please please (I beg!!)- look for a good price ;)….I do most of my thrift shop hunting on 50% off day- why pay full price at a thrift shop (sheesh!).

I picked up a couple of cutesie things for the lampshade design (Michael’s)- and some burlap (Joanne’s).  I had the paint on hand….here are the supplies:

cutesie things!

cutesie things!

Paint (purchased at Home Depot)- Heirloom White i believe (I can fly!!??)

The rest was a piece of cake (not that the first part wasn’t…the shopping/designing in my head as I go part is allllways fun!)….

All ya gotta do is:

  1. Tape off the part of the lamp base you don’t want painted with painters tape (like the switch)
  2. spray paint (you may want to sand lightly first- I did not)
  3. second coat- usually a good idea- play by ear- how does it look after one coat?  not so good- ok, apply another (it’s a very *fine* science ;))
  4. third coat- ya, i never go there
  5. For the shade- now I’m not saying this is the best way to do this…this is just how I did it lol (and I probably would have taken more care if I was selling it- but it was just to adorn my daughter’s dresser- so nobody was going to be inspecting it tee hee)…take your fabric, lay it out and wrap the shade in it so you get a rough idea of where to cut.  Leave some play on the top and bottom- and cut your fabric down to size.
  6. Take your handy dandy hot glue gun (safety first- but I usually just expect to be burned- it goes better that way- and by burned- I mean, ow that hurt- not get out the burn ointment and bandaids…now, this is a low temp glue gun- just as a disclosure)…work your way around the top and bottom of the lampshade and glue down as you go, pulling the material tight along the way- it doesn’t have to be perfect- worst case just rip some off and reglue- you got this!
  7. use your cutesie accessories and accessorize- apply with hot glue gun
  8. wa la- you are finished- put the shade on the base- and take some pictures to post to your Facebook Wall- you are a do-it-your-selfer!!! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by,

Traci 🙂


adorable, ya?? 🙂