My Big Announcement and Giveaway


Hello Friends!

I really wanted to tell you all about this yesterday, but it was a BIG day!  So, forgive me for being a day late.  I know you HAVE NOT been able to sleep not knowing what my BIG announcement is…well you will sleep well tonight…here it is…yesterday I left my day job to launch Rustic Eye FULL TIME!  I’m so super excited to do what I LOVE, and I wanted you all to know.  So, what does that mean for YOU?!  I’m glad you asked because that’s really what is important…more time for me means…

1.) More amazing vintage products for YOU…so many more!  I’ll be out scouring farms and estates to find you all the rustic and vintage charm that you love to fill your homes with or show off at your events!

2.) Some things I find absolutely are BEGGING me to be brought back to life with a little upcycling– no problem things- I have time to make you look cool again and I’m even going to make it my personal goal to find you a forever home!  Hmm..upcycling adoptions…is that a thing?

3.) A little help please…you need some HELP you say, to know just how to display that super awesome YOUKNOWWHAT that you just had to have?  Guess who’s got TIME to help you figure that out (and maybe a skill or two)- yep- this girl!  Can you say- blogs, tips and décor ideas galore!!??

This is just the tip of the Rustic Eye Iceberg…I have so much more planned and I’ll be sharing it all with you over the next few months.

Now here’s the SUPER FUN part…remember that giveaway* I told you about…it’s TIME!  I want you guys to be my VIPs (VERY IMPORTANT PERSON who loves vintage and things, and decorating with vintage and all the cool things they see on Pinterest…)…all of you who have been here with me from the start…because as Rustic Eye grows, and it will, I will not forget where it all started…here with all of YOU.  So, to be entered into this giveaway, ALL you have to do is become a Rustic Eye VIP.  That’s IT…and by becoming a Rustic Eye VIP, you will be the first to know about my new cool finds and products…you’ll get all the news and décor tips…and…here’s the best part- special discounts and offers (and other perks).  So, YES, you read that right…I’m doing a giveaway* basically to make sure you know about future giveaways (and stuff).  If you are a “need to know” person, you NEED to be a Rustic Eye VIP!

What can you win?  Good question- drum roll please…your choice of any of the printer press words in the photos, above… “FARM“, “READ“, “hello“, or “love“, OR a $20 store credit to spend however you would like in my Etsy shop.  SO FUN, right!?  I can’t get enough of decorating with vintage printer press letters and I want to spread the love…

Now…off you go to win and good luck friends…just click here* to become a Rustic Eye VIP!  You have until Monday 8/1/16 at midnight…but don’t delay (you know you’ll forget) 😜!  It’s super quick!

Traci 🙂

-Forever in flip flops

p.s. I want to hear from YOU!  What prize will you pick if you win?  Comment below…

*I’m soooo sorry if you tried the link before and it didn’t work…my IT team (aka ME) kinda screwed up- all better now!! I extended the deadline to Monday at midnight! 🙂