Easiest Upcycle Ever After

Ok friends, grab yourself a role of washi tape and let’s get started!  Anyone can do this, I promise.

My best sources for washi tape:

Now gather some office items {don’t forget your vintage office items!}:

Ready, go…

  1. Study your item {briefly folks, this isn’t rocket science ;)}
  2. Figure out where your item should be spruced up
  3. Cut or tear your piece of washi in your preferred design {or two or three…I like sticking to one design for a more cohesive look}
  4. Now stick it on your item 👌

Here’s the best part- don’t like it- move it around and experiment until you do {trust me- I did 😜}.  And- you can always remove it to change it out with a new design or just to go back to the original look…so low commitment folks you have no excuse to not try this 😂😉.

Have scraps of tape?  Don’t throw them away- stick them on your post it notes- so fun, right!?  Take a look at my pics for more ideas!  Have fun!!!

Washi tape just might be the cutest invention ever!  I’d love to hear what you have made with Washi tape…tell me by commenting below!

Happy Upcycling🌷,

Traci 🙂

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First Day of School…not so cool!


EEEKS…I dropped my babies off at their first day of school today… only they aren’t babies at all.


My youngest “baby” is in 6th grade.  As I took her to a brand new school with brand new peeps, I couldn’t help but be nervous for her.  She’ll do great, I told her.  Will the kids be nice to her, I thought.  You’ve got this, I said.  You totally have this :/.  As I walked out through the school and saw all the other mamas with their littles {like, for reals littles- Kinders and actual babies in their arms}, I remember how short ago that was me…and I remembered how frazzled those days seemed- three ACTUAL babies in my care at all times.  I was leaving without kids in tow, today.  And it was cool?…

Before that I dropped my middle off at her…oh, ya know, first day of high school ever at a brand new school…with brand new peeps.  That’s #nobigdeal.  Instead of showing her how nervous I was for her, I walked her in at her request {I follow my kids cues as much as I can}…to get her schedule, and find her first class.  She’s got this (she’s never changed classes and came from a class of like 20 kids she was together with for the last two years and many much more than that…but she’s TOTALLY got this).  They were blasting music in the quad and I felt like breaking out in song and dance…her, not so much.  I’m cool, right?  That would be cool LOL.  But, I’m seriously getting a kick out of being a “Freshman” by proxy…it’s so much better than the first time around…I totally had it this time!  But I don’t dance…or sing…you’re welcome Paige ;).  She’ll be cool…

Then I come home to my third, who is about to turn 18, and is going into the…gulp…Marines #aaaaahhelpme #butreallyimsoproudofhim.  And we have a nice conversation over breakfast…and I say goodbye as I walk to my office to start work.  That was so cool…

I’m so thankful for this time pursuing my own business out of my home and I will soak it all up.  Like all the moments I tried to when they were actual littles…between the frazzles.  Really, it’s cool! 🙂


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