Shabby Chic Drawer Pulls

Shabby Chic Drawer Pulls

These were soooo easy to make, I can’t wait to teach you!!!

As promised- the instructions (better late than never….right?!)…

  1. find drawer pulls (I found mine on a fabulous- did I just say fabulous?- but cruddy old looking side table thingy at a thrift store…yep yep yep- one of my favorite places to go)
  2. lay out on a painters tarp
  3. spray paint
  4. second coat (flip the flaps of the pull up both ways so you can cover everywhere)
  5. for this project- i DO recommend a third coat at least for the touch up areas- just spray again  where you think it needs it
  6. let dry- but really it doesn’t have to set overnight or anything
  7. Now- take a sanding block (whatever you have on hand is fine and dandy!! :))- and sand a little here and there- mostly on the edges- until you like how it looks
  8. All right- you ready for the last step???  Finish with a coat of sealer (I used spray Polyurethane- btw I can NEVER spell that word “Polyurethane”….TGFSC (thank goodness for spell check))


Easy, right? ya?  and- I love these…I have them displayed, for now, on the NO LONGER cruddy old looking side table thingy….look at it now…not too shabby if I do say so myself…ok, even a before and after for ya….

Before- yuck/plain/blah!

Before- yuck/plain/blah!

AFTER...I heart this :)

AFTER…I heart this 🙂

I often fall in love with my work…and I hope you do too- ‘else what’s the point 🙂 🙂 🙂


Thanks for stopping by,

Traci 🙂



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